The landscape as a motive and poetic realism as a stylistic direction are basic characteristics of Ante Bakter’s paintings. Slavonian plain, native Ilok and other settlements in its proximity are the main interest of this painter, because it is about views of true possessiveness, almost an emotive connection. Fields, rivers and backwaters, vineyards on the hills of Srijem are attractive with their look, what Baker transforms with his artistic signature into the luscious painting. It is built with a necessary description but also with a free gesture with the accent on the pastel colours which give vitality to the space. Read more →

Stanko Špoljarić

At the moment Ante Bakter is the only landscape artist from North-East Croatia, from the town Ilok with its surroundings and the river Danube with old river banks which have kept the original natural features of this very spot where the river flows. Only this information would not be enough, that we can properly consider its full meaning. The life journey of this young artist as well as his artistic development is what makes him a true artist and whose life story is a typical example of those artists and their destinies, when the war drama cut them off from their homeland. Read more →

Bogdan Mesinger